Spencer Ludwig is “Made To Love You” in new single

Latin Grammy winning and Grammy performing singer, songwriter, producer and famed trumpeter, Spencer Ludwig returns with a heartfelt new single. Called “Made To Love You”, the track is the first of the year from this prolific musician and the second single off of his forthcoming album Scrapbook.

“Made To Love You” is an autobiographical love letter that Spencer Ludwig penned to his wife. The song chronicles the story of the musician meeting and falling in love with his soulmate. At the tender age of fifteen Spencer met his future wife at a local Los Angeles music venue and the two have been together ever since. Despite struggles with distance, substance abuse and demanding careers, their love has endured. Lyrics including, “we were just kids back then / some things change / but my heart has felt the same / no one is ever going to take your place / I was made to love you,” show just how deep love and devotion can run through the years. Musically, “Made To Love You” is an intoxicating ballad featuring witful acoustic guitars, emotive vocals and a romantic trumpet solo. The song is the perfect Valentine’s Day anthem and playlist add to that special someone in your life.

Spencer Ludwig is a Los Angeles born, half-Filipino artist who rose to prominence as the original trumpeter in the multi-platinum band Capital Cities. Since then, he has carved out an incredibly successful career as a solo artist and frequent collaborator. Performing with the likes of Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, Fitz and the Tantrums, and more, Spencer Ludwig has toured the world and made a name for himself as one of the most prolific musicians of our generation. Check out “Made To Love You” now and send it to your forever person.

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