Adeline teams up with KAMAUU on the groovy "Stages"

French-Caribbean singer, bassist and producer Adeline shares her new track "Stages". It's a lush, woozy single that fuses all the best elements of jazz and R&B. Taken from her new EP ADI OASIS, the single features KAMAUU.

A gorgeous combination of jazz, funk, R&B and creative flair, "Stages" is an instant hit of serotonin. With Adeline's vocals riding the waves and grooves of the funky melodies, the track's bassline carries the weight of the golden tones. Beaming with soul and with the addition of the complimenting verse from New York-based artist KAMAUU, the single promises an abundance of feelgood vibes to make your day all that sunnier. 

It's the lead single from Adeline's new EP, of which she states: “Adi Oasis is the artist who has been growing inside of me. Creating this EP during one of the weirdest times in our modern history — not just the pandemic, but these difficult political times, global warming, our ongoing struggle against racism, etc. — has helped me find a deeper meaning for why I make music and what being an artist means to me. Music is my oasis, the stage is my oasis, the studio is my oasis. No matter what is going on in the world, I can always find a magical place to go to. No matter how dry the world surrounding me can be, I know where to find a source of freshwater and a fertile ground where plants grow. And that’s within me. Adi Oasis is inside of me.”

Adeline's artistry is a compelling one. It's easy to get lost in her free-flowing melodies and groovy tones, something that is always a blessing and never a curse. Her honeyed vocals sweep you into a sepia-toned daze and everything feels just perfect. That's a quality that only few artists possess, and for that, we're thankful.

Listen to the full EP here. ADI OASIS is out via Unity Records.

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