Mali Jo$e drops sophomore album ‘SUNSEEKER’

Australian hip-hop act Mali Jo$e delivers sophomore EP SUNSEEKER, a vibrant collection of tracks that reveals his musical journey to everyone listening.

From the energetic build-up of tracks like “Tranquility,” and “Stop Barking,” to the groovy instrumentation of title track “Sunseeker,” featuring smooth rap flows from Jo$e and UK rapper Len, the EP is a stepping stone towards bigger success for this emerging act.

Speaking of the intent behind the project, he explained: “I want the audience to live to my music and feel life as it is and how it could be, not how it shouldn’t be. This capsule of music reflects the journey.”

Having burst onto the scene in 2019, Mali Jo$e has gone from strength to strength with multiple releases that have catapulted into fame as a hip-hop act to keep on your radar. And as he proves with his latest project, he has no plans to slow down his momentum in his rise to stardom.

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