ADUDA makes a strong first impression with infectious pop debut “Makeup Bag”

Emerging talent ADUDA makes a strong first impression with infectious debut single “Makeup Bag,” featuring a vibrant soundscape of melodic vocals over driving bass lines, hazy drums ad ethereal backing vocals.

Led by luscious pop stylings and empowering lyricism, the track is heart-warming and sultry all at once as he unveils the Brazilian rising star’s ability to weave self-love laden narratives resting upon irresistible instrumentation.

Honing her natural penchant for words through a teenage interest in poetry, ADUDA pulls upon the power of her thoughtful song writing in addition to her musical versatility that has seen her master guitar, piano and ukulele to craft an emotive pop trademark framed by her soothing voice. Giving us the first glimpse of her artistry, teeming with everything from sincerity and confidence to insecurities and vulnerability, ADUDA has our attention.

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