AG and MILCK team up for a captivating cover of U2’s “One” [Video]

Prominent songwriter, producer, and engineer AG honors the 30th anniversary of U2’s “One” by collaborating with MILCK for this innovative take on the hit. This version has all the same intensity as the original, but more stripped down and chilling. The delicate harmonies come together to create a release that hits with so much raw emotion. The stunning rendition is off U2 Reimagined. The 7-song EP features U2 tracks performed entirely by women, most of them females of color.

The visuals that accompany the cover are as striking as the song itself. The video displays two mesmerizing interpretive dancers. There is so much palpable passion oozing from the pair. Every part of this piece is just so moving and strong. Viewers will be completely enthralled by all its intricacies. 

AG (Adrienne Gonzalez) is a Los Angeles-based producer,mix engineer and GRAMMY-nominated songwriter. She has become a major player in a male dominated field. A singer, songwriter, producer, and advocate, MILCK is most known for her tune “Quiet”.  That powerful track became the unofficial anthem of the Women’s March. Through her advocacy work she tirelessly fights for racial justice as well as women’s rights. With both of them being such inspiring females, this union could not be more fitting.    

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