AKS pours his mind on wax with “Let Me Explain (Wordplay Freestyle)”

As London-based rapper AKS prepares to release his latest project As Plane As Day: Departures & Arrivals, he gifts audiences with the lead single “Let Me Explain (Wordplay Freestyle)”.  The anthemic tune is crafted by Grammy-nominated producer/sound engineer Likkle Jay, who laces AKS with a bass-driven, punchy soundscape made up of lush guitar plucks and triumphant horns that help the rapper deliver his message with much gusto. Armed with his slick flow and vivid songwriting, AKS reminds us of his authenticity and status in the UK rap game with lines like

Breddas think they’re big shots ’cause they move with some loose canons,
If the distance between me and you is a huge chasm,
Please do not talk about levels like you won’t lose balance,
Bruh it’s mic check to get the room patterned,
Put me in the system…I’m introducing a few spanners,
‘Cause I’ve got big dreams (What?)…my brudda who hasn’t?

The track also explores the concept of resilience and the never-ending journey of self-discovery.

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