Alignment returns to Involve Records with blistering “1992 EP”

Alignment has returned to Regal‘s Involve Records with a blistering new four-track EP. 1992 is relentless warehouse music that means business from the first second to the last.

Klubikon · PREMIERE: Alignment – 1995

Title track “1992” is an early stand-out on the release. A thundering bassline and punchy vocals make this one a proper rave tune. Sitting at 142 BPM, “1992” is all the reminder we needed that techno can be heavy, fast, and still remain intensely fun. “1993” is laden with heavy kick drums, instantly giving a more industrial vibe to the track. Despite this, an irresistibly catchy melody keeps it perfectly danceable and unserious.

“1994” has a far murkier, almost extra-terrestrial quality to it. It remains as unrelenting as the prior tracks, but with the added bonus of a myriad of bleeps, zaps, and the very welcome addition of a large dose of acid — just what the doctor ordered. 1992 is a catalogue of techno you just can’t help but dance to; it’s easy to understand why Alignment’s return to Involve Records was so highly anticipated. “1995” rounds things up with a highly-hypnotic rave cut that wasn’t made for anywhere but the dancefloor. Whizzing synths suck you in, chew you up, and before you know it the track’s played out. Undeniably one that was made for whacking out peak-time, to watch the chaos unfold.

1992 can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Bandcamp.

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