Alexa Van delves into feeling trapped by society on haunting pop-rock track "Space"

LA-based act Alexa Van delivers a haunting slice of pop-rock on “Space,” which delves into the suffocating feel of being trapped by society, led by her gritty vocals and catchy pop soundscapes for an immersive experience. The intensely layered track which lays Van’s powerful voice over foreboding beats, brings to life the feel of being boxed in by the stresses of life.

Crafted to be claustrophobic yet expansive, “Space,” is underpinned by poetic lyricism carried by emotive instrumentation and delivery as she pulls listeners into the relatable feelings of begging for freedom yet being confined by the expectations of the world.

Consistently able and willing to bend the rules of creativity, Van who started a side hustle on Only Fans to fund her band Alexa Van and The Black Outs, circles back to her pop roots on the intricate and intimate offering fuelled by her fierce passion for her craft and her penchant for story-telling.

Having honed her sound over lockdown, and moving away from rock into a more refined alt-pop sound, Alexa Van makes use of music, which she refers to as her “lifeline” to build unshakeable bonds with people – and “Spaces,” with its dark tones and imaginative narrative is no different.

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