Alicia Sky brings us to bliss with “In My Mind” [Video]

Pennsylvania born and bred and now Los Angeles based pop singer/songwriter artistic goddess Alicia Sky has returned with a new music video for her single “In My Mind”. The video is the first release in three years following her 2021 release “Crazy”.

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With “In My Mind”, Alicia Sky takes listeners to a carefree and joyously relaxed time. The song has strong imagery of beautiful surroundings complete with nature references. Being in love is such a wonderful and happy time and with “In My Mind”, Alicia Sky has channeled that positivity and carefree enjoyment into the iridescent track. Lyrics including, “Take a sip of my magic potion / Take a deep dive with me in the ocean / All the trees are alive and our spirits are open,” show this theme. Sonically, the single is irresistable with colorful synths, breezy beats and warm and rich stunning vocals. Heightened melodies and an anthemic chorus add to the musical envelopment. The accompanying music video shows the singer in a beautiful garden surrounded by wildflowers and as dusk settles she is taken to a transformative magical forest mirroring the magical feeling of falling in love.

Alicia Sky has found success with features on numerous MTV shows. The artist has also charted on iTunes and she has opened for Ryan Cabrera. Check out “In My Mind” now and get lost.

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