Irish rap artist Absentee releases the hard-hitting “Feeling Myself”

Irish rap artist Absentee releases his new single “Feeling Myself”, a DIY-approach to post-modern talk-rap. Hoping to create a safe space to be vulnerable, the new single delves into mental health and its ability to control your outlook on life.

With dynamic melodies and lustrous beats, the groovy single ignites fiery bass whirs that transforms the single’s body. Reinforcing positivity, “Feeling Myself” swerves the darkness to create a track that sees the light in life. “When I wrote this song, it was a sunny morning in May, just at the start of summer, I was off work for the day and had no plans – it was perfect,” explains Absentee. “I woke up feeling happy with how life was going, this was a strange new sensation and since then it has been happening more frequently. ‘Lately I’m not feeling myself, not killing myself’ was the realisation to me, that I was doing something right because I wasn’t feeling bad, anxious or stressed about how my life was at that moment, I chalk that up to making music.”

Often with simplicity, comes beauty, and the easy-breezy formula of “Feeling Myself” is a comforting recognition that the small things in life mean the most.

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