Amal Nemer unleashes electrifying new single “Yo Tengo Lod Poderes”

Miami-based DJ and producer Amal Nemer is poised to deliver a sonic powerhouse with her latest single, “Yo Tengo Los Poderes.” Out now via Moon Harbour, this track marks a significant milestone for the Venezuelan-born artist of Lebanese heritage. With its relentless four-on-the-floor rhythm, “Yo Tengo Los Poderes” epitomizes peak-time tech-house, promising an adrenaline-fueled experience for listeners. Nemer herself lends her seductive vocals to the mix, further enhancing the track’s allure. As Nemer ushers in a new era of highly anticipated projects, “Yo Tengo Los Poderes” serves as a captivating introduction to the next chapter of her musical journey.

“Yo Tengo Los Poderes” pulses with the energy of high-octane tech house music, driven by an unyielding beat that propels it forward with relentless momentum. Its cadence remains steady and strong, providing a solid foundation for the electrifying soundscape. Amidst bursts of futuristic synth blips, Amal’s muted, lo-fi vocals add a touch of raw authenticity to the mix, creating a captivating contrast. With come-hither lyrics like, “I’m gonna touch your body, I’m gonna break your neck, I’m gonna make you whine, I’ll make you never forget,” the composition beckons listeners into a sultry realm of desire and allure. Enhanced by dynamic conga percussive breakdowns, it offers a dynamic and immersive sonic experience.

Of Lebanese descent, Amal Nemer was born in Barinas, Venezuela. She later relocated to Miami in 2020 and it was a year later that she embarked on her musical journey, first as a DJ and subsequently as a music producer, songwriter and singer. In the DJ booth, Amal gravitates towards genres like House and Tech House. Her charismatic personality, combined with her energetic and spontaneous way of connecting with the audience, creates an explosive atmosphere that gets everyone dancing.

Swiftly making her mark in the industry, Amal has emerged as a revelation in Miami’s electronic scene, securing opportunities to perform at numerous events and venues throughout the city. Additionally, she has been signed by labels such as Made In Miami, Glasgow Underground, Farris Wheel and now Moon Harbour.

For Amal, music represents humanity’s greatest treasure, a timeless union of diverse elements creating harmonious melodies. She views music as the most potent and universal tool for connecting minds, bodies, and souls. Since childhood, she has felt deeply connected to music in all its forms, finding solace and unity within its melodies. Although music wasn’t always her initial career choice, it was undoubtedly her destiny.

With the release of “Yo Tengo Los Poderes,” Amal Nemer’s ascent in the electronic music scene is reaching new heights.