Anaïs Cardot explores feelings of fear and uncertainty in love on “Can’t Explain”

French-Gabonese artist Anaïs Cardot explores feelings of fear and uncertainty that comes with falling in love but not knowing how to express it on “Can’t Explain,” featuring her ethereal vocal lines and soothing sonics that elevate her poignant lyricism.

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Capturing the relatable feeling of not knowing how to react when you’re finally faced with something you’ve been wanting badly, the thoughtful yet powerful number continues to polish up the melodic artistry she’s been honing since the age of 14.

An empowering and inspirational talent who has fought and overcome a life-long disability to craft an uplifting but emotive musicality spanning topics of self-love, mental health and sadness, Cardot who has strived to infuse grace and honesty in her music leaves us with plenty of excitement for her forthcoming debut EP Pink Magnolia.

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