AstroYeti unleashes new EP ‘Disastro Spaghetti’

Florida’s AstroYeti has launched their latest EP, Disastro Spaghetti, on March 15th via Conch Town Records. Following their debut album’s success, which earned widespread acclaim and radio play, the band returns with a blend of psychedelic rock, alt-funk, and vibrant melodies.

Described as “part one of an epic crime-solving space adventure”, Disastro Spaghetti takes listeners on a journey with puppet astronauts aboard an interstellar Van. They inadvertently unleash a monstrous spaghetti creature, exploring themes of fear, hate, freedom, and love across the EP’s tracks.

AstroYeti, self-proclaimed “a secret society of Space-Caper solving time crime fighters,” infuses their music with infectious energy and depth. Their trippy island rock meets spacefunk sound captivates audiences worldwide, earning features in esteemed publications.

AstroYeti are definitely cementing their reputation as musical adventurers, pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration. Join them on a cosmic quest beyond the stars, as they invite listeners to buckle up and embark on a thrilling ride through the depths of space and beyond!

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