Analine returns with captivating electro gem “Summer Is Gone”

Analine, the French independent musical project hailing from the picturesque Grenoble in the heart of the French Alps, introduces a captivating blend of Electro and Electro Pop, curated by composer and producer Nihil Sperantes. The project features dynamic performances by both female (Leagan, Myness, Aafried, Tatane) and male vocalists (Aafried, Tatane). The Electro tracks, marked by Nihil’s quest for progressiveness, offer a fusion of sounds and rhythms within a well-defined framework.

Influenced by artists like Billie Eilish, Rüfüs Du Sol and Serge Gainsbourg, Analine’s experimental nature shines through the electronically driven sound. The upbeat tropical house feel of the track sets the stage for Analine’s soft yet powerful vocal tone, accompanied by layered harmonies and rhythmic guitar riffs. The result is a musical journey that showcases Analine’s openness to diverse influences and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of their chosen genre.

Analine says, “‘Summer Is Gone’ is a quite energetic song. We chose to combine electric guitar riffs with Brazilian Bass, while the beat has arabian inspirations. The lyrics are quite nostalgic; it’s the end of summer, couples are freshly parted and everybody has to go back to their daily life. Everyone has felt this feeling one day in their life.”

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