ANATTA Teams up with HONÜ and Fred Paci on “Steam Rollin'”

Minimal house producer ANATTA has released their latest single “Steam Rollin”. The new track is an exciting sneak preview of ANATTA’s future reign over minimal house music. Teamed up with bass house producer HONÜ and multi-instrumentalist Fred Paci, the new single boasts mesmerizing sequences of trumpets that are infectious to the ear. 

With fresh and clean drum beats throughout, ‘Steam Rollin’ stands out as an exciting and forward thinking minimal house track. Speaking on the new release ANATTA writes, “Steam Rollin’ was a straight jam! We made this beat in one night and knew Fred was the guy to lay down some trumpet right away. Steam Rollin’ came together very nicely and we are glad it is finally seeing the light of day!”

Steam Rollin is out now on all streaming services.

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