Bay Area act Magsy explores self-loathing on “Noisy Mind”

Bay Area singer-songwriter Magsy drops infectious indie-pop offering “Noisy Mind,” exploring themes of self-loathing driven by the end of a relationship, with an undercurrent of much-needed optimism in the lyrics.

Rooted strongly in the pop soundscape, the track layers Magsy’s soulful vocals over a plush instrumental of soothing synths and groovy beats as he takes us through the painful contemplations and realisations of what went wrong in a relationship.

Pushing through self-deprecation and vulnerabilities into acceptance, “Noisy Mind,” moves past the raw moments of wallowing into something more hopeful.

A music lover who has been writing music since the age of 14 as a way to channel his innermost thoughts and feelings into authentic and relatable pop numbers, Magsy has worked to hone his craft, establishing his catchy but emotive artistry from South Korea to LA.

With his debut EP R U STILL WATCHING behind him, the promising talent makes a strong start to his 2022 with this latest production as he continues to make waves across the globe.

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