Andrei Lucas channels early 2000s nostalgia on "90’s Summer Cool"

London based electro-pop artist Andrei Lucas brings elements of nu-disco and indie-pop together in feel-good track “90’s Summer Cool,” infused with elements of pop culture from the early 2000’s. The summery instrumental of swirling synths and anthemic electro-beats, inject nostalgia into our hearts as it brings Lucas’ trademark hazy yet sharp vocal quality to life.

Inspired by the likes of Jodeci, Prince, Gwen Stefani and Daft Punk, drawing on the vintage vibes these artists trigger, “90’s Summer Cool,” merges the smokey 90’s sound with a modern contemporary pop sound delivering anuplifting offering which captures a burst of memories in its punchy soundscape.

Ushered forward in his musical dreams by his multi-cultural background, Lucas’ journey has seen him move from Romania to Canada and then UK, carrying titbits of these cultures in the bopping bass of his music. Rooted in multiple influences, with a tasteful addition of his own experiences, this rising star’s music boasts a distinct pop sound that sets him apart.

Where his soundscapes see constant refinement, the positivity that thrums through each of his notes, remains the crux of his artistry, drawing from his wealth of lived experiences including immigrating from a post-communist culture to a western world as well as going through chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer and mental health struggles, all of which have culminated in his upbeat sonics that feel like the light at the end of the tunnel.

The high-energy single, which is a follow-up to his debut EP Paradise Passé, hones his relatable lyricism founded on a signature pop sound that spans across his present and past musicality.Soft and atmospheric yet booming with easy-going, danceable groove, this up-and-comer makes catchy music with an influx of heartfelt emotions, boasting an aspirational touch of defiance and encouragement that reminds us to enjoy the simple things in life.

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