Brandon Beal, HEDEGAARD & Lizzy Wang revive Red Hot Chili Peppers’ famous riff on “The Ones We Lost”

Denmark’s HEDEGAARD, US’ Brandon Beal, and China’s Lizzy Wang come together in a global joining of forces on meaningful house single “The Ones We Lost,” which revives the iconic riff from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 1989 track “Pretty Little Ditty,”further popularized by Crazy Town’s global hit “Butterfly.”

Infuse with dance-worthy instrumentation and poignant emotion, the track combines Beal’s soulful vocals with captivating guitars and euphoric basslines to offer up a haunting yet groovy production framed by equal amount of melancholia and summer warmth.

An ode to friendship and the joy of creating music, the track is underscored by a celebratory vibe rooted in a fresh and more mature sonic style for Beal and HEDEGAARD, with Wang’s expansive experience in tech house elevating the offering to new levels.

With something for music lovers across the globe, the anthem comes to life as a soul/pop/tech house hybrid with an epic party feel enveloping us.

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