Annelle Staal shares anthemic queer love song “My Girl”

North Carolina-based indie pop singer/songwriter Annelle Staal has just unleashed their new single. Called “My Girl”, the track is the first of the year from this Twitch influencer and acclaimed songwriter.

With “My Girl”, Annelle Staal profiles a beautiful new queer love story. The song is complete with springtime melodies, acoustic funk pop landscapes and seductive warmly rich vocals. “My Girl” is all about being in a new love and all those good feelings associated with the relationship. Lyrics including, “She’s been changing my world / she makes me see my life in technicolor / my hearts been racing when we’re left alone,” show just how special this new connection is and the impact it has had on Annelle. “My Girl” is a perfect happy love song to be added to any fun-loving playlist to usher in the new warmer season.

Annelle Staal’s music combines elements of organic pop, blue-eyed soul with 60’s influenced folk for a unique and inviting sonic fusion. When their tour was cancelled from the pandemic, Annelle took to performing on Twitch and soon became a major influencer in the space connecting with audiences around the globe. An advocate for embracing your true self, Annelle has shown bravery coming out as a non binary queer individual in a conservative area. Take a listen to “My Girl” now and enjoy the delightful musical journey.

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