Daniel Etherton’s pays ode to an iconic Renaissance heroine on “Mona Lisa”

Singer-songwriter Daniel Etherton kicks off 2023 with impassioned number “Mona Lisa,”an ode to the iconic Renaissance heroine. Led by passionate vocals over a euphoric yet soulful pop soundscape, the track celebrates Etherton’s dual passion for music and art.

Drawing upon his art historian background, the artistic flair showcased on the track is complimented by emotionally charged lyricism that weave an imaginative tale of being entranced by the famous painting.

Inspired by the likes of Daughter, Lorde, Bon Iver, The xx, and Frank Ocean, Etherton evokes nostalgia and relatability with his aesthetically and sonically pleasing artistry rooted in a straight from the heart honesty.

With the track teasing the release of his debut EP Rewrote It, Daniel Etherton sets himself up as a rising star to look out for.

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