Anthem and Eleanor Voss join forces for the glitchy new single “Uncoil”

UK-based electronic artist Anthem teams up with elegant vocalist Eleanor Voss on the ambient new single “Uncoil”. Transforming romantic turmoil into lustrous melodies, the single is an insight into the workings of a mind and soul transfixed by emotional twists.

Peppered with glitchy percussive drum patterns and soothing melodies, the track is an amalgamation of delicate, cosmic sounds. Levitating between abrasive glitch and electronic bliss, “Uncoil” delicately treds emotive waters with intricate piano keys and flickering synthetic sounds. Featuring the lush, velvety vocals from upcoming vocalist Eleanor Voss, the track weaves amongst mindfulness and pure emotive rhythms. Telling us more via email, Anthem says: “The track explores the searching within yourself to find true happiness and unearth an unrequited love for someone, delving into a plethora of emotions and cognitive shifts and exploring the twists and turns of wanting someone.”

“Uncoil” embraces uncertainty to conjure an innovative, stylistic single. Dreamy and self-reflective, the single from the upcoming producer is a slice of perfected, ambient electronica.

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