Arky Waters shares modern electronica four-track EP as a homage to electronic scene in Syndey

Australian producer Arky Waters‘ latest EP, “Bumper,” is a testament to his burgeoning talent and deep immersion in Sydney’s vibrant dance music scene. With an impressive trio of singles leading the way, Waters builds anticipation for the EP’s release, promising a fusion of breakbeat, jungle, and tech-house electronica. The project runs deep with touches of Overmono, Bicep and plenty more tinged throughout, a true modern classic.

The titular track, unveiled alongside the EP, further solidifies Waters’ prowess as a producer, showcasing his ability to blend disparate influences into a cohesive sonic tapestry. Inspired by Sydney’s diverse music landscape, “Bumper” pays homage to the city’s various music crews and promoters, offering something for techno aficionados, jungle enthusiasts, and UKG ravers alike. Waters’ dedication to his craft shines through in each track, reflecting his ongoing journey as a student of electronic music. With its release on Mammal Sounds Records, “Bumper” is poised to make waves across the electronic music scene, cementing Arky Waters’ status as an artist to watch.

Speaking on the new EP, arky Waters explains that ““‘Bumper’ is a collection of tracks I made heavily inspired by the current dance music scene in Sydney. You have so many new crews and promoters all pushing different types of music – every weekend I would go out and hear something different. The best part is they’re all pushing music that they love. I guess I wanted to honor all the people that I’ve met along the way – something for the techno heads, the junglists and UKG ravers. Best part is everyone listens to everything nowadays, and you see similar faces everywhere you go. I will forever be a student of electronic music and I think this EP is a reflection of that.”

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