Ash Olsen displays her uniqueness in "DAT THING LIKE ME" [Video]

Emerging Norwegian rap star Ash Olsen is next to bat as she drops the expressive visuals for her anthemic track titled "DAT THING LIKE ME." Backed by heavy drums and a driving cinematic texture, Olsen sets the tone with her laidback and somewhat hushed flow and lyrical imagery detailing who she is. She is not shy about her sexuality and with every bar, she shows unique confidence underpinned by her boyish and carefree demeanor. Although English is her second language, she is quite eloquent with it and even throws in some hip-hop slang to complete the mission.

The stunning visuals are a blend of rapid cut scenes, performance shots of Olsen doing what she knows best, and a tête-à-tête with two beautiful ladies. The visual direction is cinematic and a bit trippy with some grainy aesthetics and retro-motifs that run through the length of the video.

Born and raised in the rural town of Fredrikstad, an hour’s drive south from Oslo, Ash Olsen started her entry into the music industry when she released her debut track "KITKAT" in 2020. She later released her debut EP ASHY in 2021 via her own EZ Money label, with distribution from The Orchard. Although she was more into skateboarding as a teenager, her love for rap grew when she heard Tupac’s "Only God Can Judge Me," which inspired her to rap. She would later perfect her craft and switch up her accent in order to fit the bill.

Listen/Stream "DAT THING LIKE ME" here.

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