Ashee joins Life And Death with the explosive ‘Techno Face’ EP

Newcomer Ashee has joined the Life And Death roster to release the Techno Face EP. Consisting of three explosive, dancefloor-focused tracks which blend elements from techno, house and bass, it’s one of the most innovative releases to drop in recent times.

LIFE AND DEATH · Ashee – Motomag

“Techno Face” gets the EP off to a perky start; it’s filled with bouncy kick drums, faint sirens and distorted vocals. It’s a high-energy track that simultaneously has an eerie edge to it. As the track unwinds, things start to sound increasingly ominous in a way which places it perfectly at home in a dark basement with a huge sound system. 

At points, “Retrofit” leans towards a slightly menacing sound, much like “Techno Face,” before bursting into a new dimension. It’s wholly more percussive, more left field, and the bass is heavy enough to blow the speakers. Easily impressive enough to be a stand-out track — the only thing stopping it is it’s successor.

“Motomag,” the final track of the Techno Face EP, is the one which takes everything up five notches. The first minute is spent limbering up before things delve into chaotic breaks and all sorts of weird noises. Though elements of the track feel frenzied, they are also calculated to the point of perfection; “Motomag” is a track which will blow up the dancefloor every time it’s dropped – it’s an atomic bomb, by musical standards.

Techno Face can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Bandcamp.

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