Villains returns with heart-wrenching in new single “Sorry for You”

LA-based songwriting duo Villains delivers an explosive new single, “Sorry for You,” with heartfelt honesty and an undeniable heart-wrenching love essence. 

“You broke my heart in every way. You said you never meant to stay, but the way you seem to care, don’t say it all was in my head.” You pretend to be so good, but you’re sick and scared underneath. I feel sorry for you,” Villains shares. 

“Sorry for You” begins with mournful, expressive piano, accompanied by Villains’s soulful vocal, full of regret. Focusing the healing power of the song and message behind “Sorry for You” has to do with a relationship constructed on fear, an underlying attraction to someone toxic, and discovering you have to let go of a love that is yanking you apart. 

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