ÄTNA breathe new life into Martin Kohlstedt’s “KSYCHA”

If there were an act that denoted the difference between the terms ‘musician’ and ‘artist,’ ÄTNA would be it. The Dresden-based duo’s approach is a multifaceted one, extending far beyond just the music and amalgamating the overall experience into one cohesive work of art, seamlessly incorporating ingenious visuals, cutting edge design, inspired fashion and so much more into their refined, future-nostalgia aesthetic.

With the release of their debut album Made By Desire still in the rearview mirror, it’s clear that their creative synergy is an unrelenting force as they return once again, this time applying a masterfully executed art-pop twist to German composer Martin Kohlstedt‘s dramatic piece, “KSYCHA.”

After a chance encounter with Kohlstedt at XJazz festival in Istanbul, a firm friendship was forged and their inevitable collaboration followed suit. Speaking to it in the email press release, they elucidate that “it became a thrilling, trippy track with a taste of Big Beat,” with Kohlstedt stating that “[they] grabbed my piece KSYCHA, took it apart and rebuilt it as a hit song. I bow my head!” Simultaneously staying true to the original whilst giving it an entirely new life of its own, their “Who Are You” rework champions the slow-burning tension that is one of Kohlstedt’s hallmarks, and compounds it with Demian’s brooding synth work and Inéz’s icy vocals. Expect ÄTNA to push the avant-garde pop needle forwards for many years to come.

The ÄTNA ‘Who Are You’ rework is out Friday, the 24th of April and will be featured on RECURRENTS; a double-album of reworks of his albums STROM STRÖME by Kohlstedt’s contemporaries.

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