Aurora Dee Raynes is the “Underwater Shapeshifter” [Video]

North London genre-bending band Aurora Dee Rayne officially started their career in 2012 after producer Stephen Raynes and Danielle Kranendonk met in a North London kitchen. The pair started working together and later added fellow musicians  Tristan Williams, who co-produces as well as provides live drums, Nicholas Johnson on keys, Richard Summers adding bass and guitar and additional vocals and guitar from Yohan Forbes. Fast forward to 2023, the band recently put out their newest EP Ribbon Of Hot Plasma, last month and now they return with the video game-inspired visuals for the stand-out track titled “Underwater Shapeshifter”.

The latest experimental soul-laden track is a blend of sounds that displays the band’s unbridled creativity as they push the envelope with dreamy and ethereal sounds steeped in classic neo-soul frames. The track of course is led by Danielle’s commanding vocals and presence as she seamlessly floats over the sublime backdrop laid before her.  The accompanying visuals also tap into the theme of the song which focuses on the endless possibilities of the unknown as one shapeshifts into a new exciting world where one can attain anything. We see Danielle traversing an alien world via a multi-terrain vehicle. We also get to see the vast and uncharted world filled with futuristic creatures psychedelic visual effects and meta-elements that explore growth.

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