VÉRITÉ adds an alt-pop flair to Katy Perry hit “Teenage Dream ”

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and producer VÉRITÉ transforms Katy Perry hit “Teenage Dream,” into an alt-pop confessional with her cover led by her sweet vocals. Reframing the thrilling track with a nostalgia-drenched perspective, the rising singer’s interpretation manages to capture the addictive pop feel of the original while introducing a softer touch with minimal sonic palette.

Layered over quiet piano and slow synth beats,VÉRITÉ’s soaring vocals become the star of the track as the warmth and emotion in it pulls us back into a journey looking back adolescence and first love with rose-tinted longing. Produced by TOMI and VÉRITÉ herself, the lush cover is proof of the alt-pop act’s ability to bring originality to every note she crafts, her fresh alternative style giving even the most well-loved tracks a new life to be heard and absorbed in ways that they weren’t before.

Having emerged from lockdown with confidence and determination to establish herself,  VÉRITÉ has paved her own way with reinvigorated alt-pop soundscapes.

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