Autumn Kings share empowering anthem “Sleep When I’m Dead”

Detroit rock act Autumn Kings share empowering anthem “Sleep When I’m Dead,” offering up a statement of absolute conviction against opposition and indifference.

With an uplifting spirit swirling around the pop-rock soundscape, the hard-hitting production manages to be motivational and exciting as it reminds us to stay determined and fight for yourself no matter who overlooks or doubts you.

The defiant number is accompanied by a cracking animated visual that matches the fierce and independent spirit of the song. Framing the powerful message of the track to perfection, the AI-assisted video is driven by unassailable superhero energy, but the comic-book-style characters that populate the video are assailed by forces beyond their control, leaving us with the strength to remain undeterred in the face of obstacles.

With a local reputation for their fierce and fearless performances, Autumn Kings have carefully carved out a path to rock stardom sprinkled with tireless work, real camaraderie and impressive achievements that is set to take their blend of dramatic rock and propulsive hip-hop and electronic around the world.

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