trespasser pokes fun at societal norms with new single “Man”

trespasser are a five-piece indie, alt-rock band hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Unveiling their latest single, “Man” the track questions the idea of manhood and the stereotypes that come with it. With lyrics that speak raw, unembellished truth, such as, “I drive a car, don’t mean I know how it works, it gets me where I need to go to,” the band playfully pokes fun at societal expectations about what defines masculinity. As they refuse to conform to cultural norms, trespasser continues to spread positive messages within their music, as they highlight the importance of self-authenticity and individuality. 

Reminiscent of Gotye, “Man” shimmers with radiant guitar riffs, mellow vocals and a head-bopping beat. The easy-going track is demonstrative of what the band have characterized as ‘Outlaw Scrungle.’ 

With the ultimate goal of creating music that is a declaration of queerness and celebration of togetherness, trespasser are certainly making a name for themselves. Their honest and relatable approach to their music is both refreshing and addictive.

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