AYLA delivers a wonderful single, “I Liked It Better When You Were On My Side”

AYLA delivers her latest single, “I Liked It Better When You Were On My Side,” that serves as a reminder of the bittersweet nature of relationships. Co-written and produced in collaboration with Telanova’s Ed Quinn, the track captivates everyone with its soulful narrative, transporting music lovers to the intimate moments of solitude that follow the end of a lively party.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic sound of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop,” she skillfully infuses her own unique style, weaving together intricate melodies and haunting vocals that linger long after the song concludes. Quinn’s expertise shines through in the production, adding layers of depth and texture that elevate the track to new heights.

“I Liked It Better When You Were On My Side” is a demonstration of the power of collaboration and creative synergy. Her emotive delivery coupled with Quinn’s masterful production creates a sonic experience that resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level, inviting them to reflect on their own journeys of love and loss. With its effortless groove and evocative lyrics, this track solidifies AYLA’s position as a rising star in the music industry.

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