Pollena’s “Glitter” paints a sparkling scene

Psychedelic synth guru Pollena has kicked off spring with “Glitter,” to bring promise and vibrance to the chaotic year that we’ve had. Just the second studio single of her career, the jam is an incredibly dense and ambitious addition to her brief discography. The track follows 2020’s ambient pop record, “The Pool,” a progressive effort that showcases Pollena’s faintly angelic voice. Her output thus far has been a fun intersection of musical influences, using combinations of synth-pop, electronica, ambient, and R&B as vessels to carry her soft croons. More importantly, they’ve been incredibly compelling, positioning Pollena as an early contender in indie-pop moving forward.

“Glitter” opens up with an enchanting arpeggiated synth run that becomes the centerpiece of the dense, dynamic soundscape that Pollena develops. It’s soon met with a steadily ticking drum beat and bright synth splashes for Pollena’s intriguing voice to glide over. Her words detail the end of quarantine being in sight and the joy that we’re going to inevitably feel when it all ends. The track ultimately carries the mystery of uncertainty along with the hope that it can’t last forever. The release of the tension comes at the hook of the track, where the instrumental transforms into a full-on dance beat. It’s charmingly reminiscent of the energy that will ensue when live music is able to return.

“Glitter” is, at its core, a celebration of the endurance of art. It is a plethora of emotions and sounds, but it’s ultimately joyous, carrying the positivity and altruism that this spring needs. Among the many talents that Pollena has on display here, her ability to comfort is the most glaring.

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