Izye returns with refreshing single, “drip”

Izye has shared a new single called “drip”. The versatile 21 year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper hails from the Bay Area, and has been around music since a young age. Combining refreshing R&B influences with the Bay Area hyphy sound in a idiosyncratic manner, she has been carving a lane with her genre-bending, character-rich style. Her offering “drip” is full of sensuality and revels in the delicate flirtatious dance that Izye portrays through sound.

The neon glow that defines the sonics of “drip” give it a decadence that feels luxurious and refreshing. Stylistically, she blends trap, pop, EDM, and electro into a cohesive mixture, ensuring the groove gets plenty of muscle in the process. With this backdrop, it is remarkable that she can navigate these series of twists and turns with effortlessness and in a natural fashion. In addition, her lyricism creates a feeling of confidence, pairing with her voice for truly commanding presence. With the sound design drawing from the vibrating walls of the club, the humid nature of the track feels real.

“drip” has a certain intimacy to it that gives it a memorable quality, as Izye makes sure that every little flourish manages to ripple off into the distance in a way that feels sleek and graceful.

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