B0r0s shares rocketing pop-punk anthem “STRAIGHT OUTTA MAGAZINE”

New York-hailing band B0r0s shares rocketing pop-punk anthem “STRAIGHT OUTTA MAGAZINE,” weaving gritty and expansive riffs with booming drums and high-octane vocals. Showcasing a raw yet vibrant musicality, the track captures a nostalgic appeal underscored by a modern twist.

Crafted as a love letter to early 2000s pop-punk with contemporary touches, the song delivers an adrenaline-packed listening experience rooted in explosive choruses and anthemic energy throughout.

A multi-artist collective founded by Javi G, and consisting of Jaju, Eli Rozas, and Jhay Nales continues to challenge the conventional approach to hip-hop, fusing styles from pop, rock and R&B, creating a unique, alternative sound that allures us across each note.

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