Izzy Spears shares the final single and focus track “Better” from debut EP

Alt-experimental act Izzy Spears shares the final single and focus track “Better,” from six-song debut EP Monstar. An anthemic production built upon a booming soundscape and rumbling verses. With a vibe that’s foreboding and laid-back at the same time, the track is a snippet of the personal messages that make up this project.

Crafted as a peek into his own experiences while still leaving much open to interpretation, each track on this takes us through a different tale from Spears life as the sonics flit seamlessly between pop, rock, hip hop, and punk.

The Atlanta-hailing, LA-based songwriter, vocalist, arranger, and composer who launched himself into music in 2019 through the Anonymous Club, a collective of artists, designers, and musicians’ hand-selected by Shayne Oliver,  fashion designer, musician, and founder of the New York City high fashion brand Hood By Air, Izzy Spears makes quite a memorable impact on each note he offers up to us as he pulls us into an honest, vulnerable yet power-packed musical journey,

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