Alignment defines space and ‘Time’ in KNTXT release

KNTXT, Charlotte de Witte’s label imprint, has released Alignment‘s four-track EP Time. After Monoloc’s Left The Planet, the Berlin-based producer is the third artist to appear on the label aside from de Witte herself.

“Alignment is easily one of the most promising artists that I’ve encountered in a long time, so it feels incredibly good to welcome him to the KNTXT family!” de Witte shares. “KNTXT has always aimed to be a breeding ground and safe haven for the unique talents that it loves and respects. With this release, we hope to further introduce the world to this unique talent and create a platform for his boundless creativity.”

Robust and exuding haunting hedonism from the get-go, Alignment carves out his sonic signatures in the space-time continuum that is techno—affirming his unique rave sound that’s flanked by deep bass lines and pumping kicks. “Charlotte started supporting my music from very early on, so it feels great to be making my debut on KNTXT so early on,” Alignment shares as well. “It took me some time to find the right spin on these tracks, but now I feel really confident about the result. With this EP I wanted to make recordings on the subject of time and space.”

Titular track “Time” swells with warping synths and woozy vocal stabs, echoing the palpable waves of seconds turning into minutes and minutes, into hours. A non-stop drive into the pounding bass and impressive throwback rave sounds, leaves listeners grooving in its acidic wake. Following, “Reverse” takes a more minimalistic approach in build, receding in acidity to give way into a more progressive haunt of alienating laughs and thumping kicks laden with crisp percussive elements. In “Automatic Control”, Alignment brandishes another infectious vocal loop, echoing its appellation with driving sensuality. However, the beauty of the track lies not only in the vocal repetition but also in the way it builds up into a visceral moment of clarity—dropping into an intricate weave of snares and unabashed drum patterns. Finally, “Inner Voice” concludes the EP with a more despotic sound, as though translating the inner demons of ourselves into a tangible sonic entity of warping bass work.

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