Bellsavvy finds her inner-strength in the empowering new single “Queen of My Mind”

Brazilian born, London-based pop artist Bellsavvy unveils the fiery new single “Queen of My Mind.” The song was conceived following the singer’s fight with her mental health after she was continually shunned by the modeling industry for her changing body weight. Despite a successful and prominent career as a model, as soon as Bellsavvy’s body began to change, agents began to deny her, destroying her self-confidence and having a catastrophic effect on her self-love. The sheer amount of negativity became unbearable and Bellsavvy ended up having a mental breakdown. “Queen of My Mind” is her own medicative anthem, not only helping her out of her dark days, but also spreading a message of hope. 

Bursting with soaring soundscapes and sassy lyrics, highlighting Bellsavvy’s impressive vocal range, the bodacious single packs a punch, resulting in an inspiring track for the masses. Reminiscent of Sigrid meets Dua Lipa, the Brazilian artist has all the ingredients of her fellow pop powerhouses, with the addition of her arduous life experiences, giving her music an edge and touch of authenticity. 

Bellsavvy shares in her press release, “Queen of My Mind is a very personal, deep and emotional song. I wrote it about three years ago after a mental breakdown I had at the very end of my modeling career. I want others to feel the power we have when we love ourselves. Self-esteem, self-love and self-acceptance are the most powerful things we can have in us. It changes everything.”

Rising like a phoenix from the flames, the musician has delved into the deepest corners of her mind and ascended with a potent and encouraging pop banger. May we all take note of Bellsavvy’s experiences and never let any tell us we’re not good enough, because we can be a queen if we let our minds believe it. 

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