Benny D shares atmospheric single, “Bright Lights”

Benny D‘s “Bright Lights” makes for an infectious offering that blends atmospheric production with sharply-crafted vocals. From Boston, Massachusetts, Benny grew up in a family full of musicians and he was inspired at a young age to pursue his own career as a solo artist. He has been working on a new album called Sink or Swim, which is said to be released in 2023. Once a lifeguard for half a decade, water has played a role in the artist’s life and the upcoming project will be themed around it, as he discusses the path to rising above trials and tribulations. “Bright Lights” showcases Benny’s commanding mic presence and ear for catchy, moody production with its smoky sonics and focused vocals.

Expansive, nocturnal vocal samples open “Bright Lights”, underscored by droning bass. As a hard-hitting drum line enters, Benny blends melodious inflections with lyrically-focused flows for a versatile performance delivered with a crisp, confident mic presence. Capped off by a vibrant, memorable hook, “Bright Lights” finds Benny’s songwriting at potent levels.

The latest from Massachusetts artist Benny D, “Bright Lights” is a captivating new hip-hop joint that engagingly blends undertones of R&B.

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