Beth Macari shares a “Summer Feelin” vibe in her latest music video

The multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Beth Macari has returned with a new single and music video that will reduce the heat this summer. Her scintillating new track, “Summer Feelin’,” perfectly accompanies your sun-soaked escapades and warm summer nights.

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With “Summer Feelin’,” Beth Macari transports listeners to a world of sun, sand, and soulful melodies. Known for her captivating vocals and masterful songwriting, Macari seamlessly blends soul, pop, and R&B to create an anthem that is as irresistible as a summer breeze.

But “Summer Feelin'” isn’t just a song but an experience. The accompanying music video is a visual masterpiece that takes viewers on a vibrant journey through the joys and nostalgia of summer. Macari and her team have captured the season’s essence in every frame, from beach parties to starlit bonfires.

The infectious rhythms and uplifting melodies in “Summer Feelin'” serve as an invitation to dance and celebrate life. Macari’s radiant energy shines through every note, making it impossible not to get swept up in the music. This track will have you craving lazy days by the pool, road trips with friends, and late-night strolls along moonlit shores.

Beth Macari’s “Summer Feelin'” is a soulful embrace of the season. It’s the perfect soundtrack to your summer adventures, the melody to your fondest memories, and the beat to your heart this summer.

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