Bhaskar & JADED team up on tech house anthem “When I See It” feat The Vic

Brazilian producer Bhaskar and West London duo JADED come together for dark and dynamic production “When I See It,” featuring The Vic, pulling us into a celebration of simply experiencing something together.

Opening with rich instrumentation built on deep basslines and shimmering synths with The Vic’s vocals providing a soaring elevation, the summery and tropical-tinged offering is tech house anthem with a progressive undertone, that hits all the right notes and emotions.

Speaking of the track, Bhaskar says, “When discussing what we were going to produce, I recall that ‘Tina’ was the song of mine that had most caught their attention, while ‘Welcome To The People’ was the song of theirs that had grabbed mine. We then talked to find a middle ground between the two, and I think ‘When I See It’ is precisely that.”

Following a string of hits for both Bhaskar and JADED, this new track showcases the individual and collaborative prowess of these two powerhouses.

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