PHNTMS show that sometimes having a spark just isn’t enough with “Back Burner”

Philadelphia based four-piece PHNTMS return with a hard-hitting new single and accompanying visuals. Entitled “Back Burner” the track highlights grungy power chord guitar riffs, frenetic drums and emotive vocals.  The new single details how one’s fear can hinder true connection in relationships. Vocalist Alyssa Gambino reveals in their press release, “I’ve always kept a safe distance when having feelings for someone new and the ‘flame’ represents just that. For me, being placed on the back burner is a lingering reminder that I will be here waiting.”

The video for “Back Burner” showcases the band’s commanding stage presence with Gambino as a formidable frontwoman. Her wide-ranging vocals and dramatic punk rock delivery are rare in today’s glossy alternative rock releases. Further examples of PHNTMS unique sound are their anthemic choruses over emo-infused power pop soundscapes.  

PHNTMS writes about themes of identity, fear, relationships and equality. The band shows major support to the LGBTQA+ community, with half of the band identifying as queer.  

“Back Burner” is off of PHNTMS upcoming self titled EP due this Spring. 

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