BIG LOVE drop explosive new single “Sirens”

Inspired by the likes of War on Drugs, Soda Blonde and Arcade Fire, BIG LOVE are an up and coming indie-outfit spearheaded by Cian Ó Maonlaí who delivers an emotive vocal on poignant new single “Sirens.” Moving between ambient guitar work and mood-soaked textures before crashing into full-throttle alternative-rock climax, “Sirens,” is a dynamically astute creation that reflects the turbulent subject matter perfectly.

BIG LOVE burn slowly, building acoustic instrumentation that ebbs and flows before giving all of their energy to create a wall of sound with no cracks in the mortar. A first-hand depiction of trauma and reactions to a hard time in Ó Maonlaí’s life, the track is a cathartic exploration that allowed frustrations and anger to bleed out and bring calm in its place. “I was getting in a lot of trouble at the time and the event felt like the culmination of years of anger and frustration bottled into one night,” he shares. “The song is an attempt to describe the events of that night, its language and structure reflect how I felt at different times throughout.”

“Sirens” continues the band’s stellar list of releases, with their debut single “Lily” released last year to widespread praise. BIG LOVE are headlined Dublin’s iconic Grand Social on May 29th, reaffirming their well-deserved place in their music scene.

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