Big Miz delivers fascinating deep house reveries in ‘Sonder / Opia’

Music is a fascination for many and undoubtedly, Glaswegian artist Big Miz‘s works, pushes fascination to its utmost capabilities. Released two weeks ago, his latest EP Sonder / Opia is the epitome of the aforementioned—refreshingly warming and riveting in its vibrantly soft output.

Sonder / Opia establishes itself as a soothingly deep compilation; playful yet rousing, Big Miz delivers in creating a series of complex sonic intricacies—almost tactile with its sweeping inflections and incredible builds. “Sonder” opens as a contemporary departure into dance music, one that’s a layered soundscape of a medley of influences yet beautifully succinct in its climax. There’s a soft beauty in its mellow builds and Big Miz demonstrates his innate skill in amalgamation with the track’s woozy synths and assertive bassline. On “Opia”, we see another soft build that unfurls into a nostalgic deliverance—calling upon old and new for a fully-fleshed delve into whirling acidity. 

Since the days of his early prominence as part of his local clubbing scene, Glaswegian artist Big Miz has progressed and developed into a key producer and DJ to emerge from the city’s ever fertile house and techno field. His music is a playful and energetic mix of acidic tinges, 808 rhythms, disco inflections, techno swing and house music hedonism, combining his traditional music abilities and multi-instrumentalism with contemporary electronic equipment and production techniques. Having already played numerous UK and European shows as well as recorded Boiler Rooms live from Sub Club and Fly Open Air festival, Big Miz continues to stake his claim as a household name for the future of underground music.

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