London based platform GoToBeat secures investment to redefine the live music ecosystem

Another platform looking to revolutionise the industry and make the world an easier place for new artists –  GoToBeat, the innovative concert promoter, announces a significant milestone: new funding to fuel its mission of revolutionizing live music experiences. With a focus on leveraging technology to predict demand and curate stellar lineups, GoToBeat has secured funding to amplify its impact on emerging artists and venues.

“Selling out concerts in small/medium venues is harder than ever. Gotobeat is a concert promoter that uses Data and AI to predict the demand of the artists it works with, put them in the right venue at the right time and drastically increase the chances of sold-out shows. As a result, venues are busier and artists get paid more for their craft. All of this is in an on-demand self-service platform that artists and their teams can use to book the perfect upcoming gigs for them.” – Max Busin, CEO

Utilizing proprietary technology, GoToBeat has already proven its prowess in orchestrating sold-out shows across London, selling over 30,000 tickets in 2023 alone. Collaborating with both established promoters and up-and-coming acts, they’ve carved a niche by creating a way for artists to cut out, all the B.S that can often come with, promoters and the live booking process.

Founder Max Busin envisions GoToBeat as more than just a promoter; it’s a catalyst for change within the live music ecosystem. By harnessing AI and data analytics, they’re not only boosting ticket sales but also democratizing access to performance opportunities for emerging talent. The latest funding round, led by Velocity Capital, is there to allow the company to activate innovations in A.I and Data Technology for their platform.

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