Artist and producer SAGA BOUY shares his new genre bending sound on latest release, “DRUNK OFF LOVE.” The accompanying visual is a psychedelic interpretation of a relationship on the rocks. The single is the first release from the BROCKHAMPTON alum following the group’s split. 

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“DRUNK OFF LOVE” has a tasteful infusion of synths, bass, and melodies. Each component blends into the next to create a hip-hop beat with R&B harmonies and an electronic tempo. The artist delivers each verse in a vocalized rap format. The trippy music video is filled with vibrant colors and swift camera movement following an argument between BOUY and a female lead. He lightly sings the chorus, No-no, no-no, don’t need it, you asking for the wrong reasons, sayin’ that you care but don’t mean it, love don’t need it, then I don’t need it.” 

Following his tenure with BROCKHAMPTON, the now solo artist wrote and produced the single in preparation for his debut project. He describes his newfound creative direction, “In 2021, I got into a relationship that really took a toll on me. Simultaneously, the group was falling apart. It felt like everything I built in LA was crumbling. So I took off to London to catch a new vibe and lock in on music and fashion there. All this set me down this new path to pursue my own vision and artistry as SAGA BOUY.” Fans can anticipate more new music and artistry from the background producer turned frontman. 

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