Bungalow Collect share fun-loving visual for “Tell Me Where To Go” [Video]

Brooklyn music group Bungalow Collect have shared a brand new visual for their song “Tell Me Where To Go”. This smooth cut is a perfect soundtrack for summer evenings out in the city.

The instrumental to “Tell Me Where to Go” contains lively synths and pulsating bass, underscored by bouncy drums. The production on the song sounds organic and warm, complementing the carefree feel of the track. The rappers Apollo J, Rshad, Zay Suav, and Marcus Isiah come through with some playful, upbeat verses that flow smoothly over the fun-loving instrumental. Their performances are charismatic and the hook is particularly catchy, sticking in one’s memory for days.

The video for “Tell Me Where to Go”, shot by Wyatt Dobson, is equally entertaining. It features the rappers giving spirited performances of their track inside an old house, shot with dimmed, warm lighting to complement the song’s mood. The style of the video is charmingly retro, providing a welcomed throwback with the fashion, editing, and filming. Furthermore, the chemistry the group has is made evident throughout the video, as the rappers seem to share a strong, natural rapport. 

Overall, this fun-loving track is perfect for summer evenings, and the accompanying music video complements the light-hearted mood of the song. Considering that Bungalow Collect is relatively new to the scene, they show a lot of potential on this release. Moreover, they seem to share an organic chemistry that is infectious.

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