The Mowgli’s take us on a “Vacation” in sunny new single 

Glistening with jangly guitars, polished harmonies and a plodding bassline, The Mowgli’s deliver their uplifting new single “Vacation”, just in time for the better weather. Dedicated to all the hard workers who eat, sleep and breathe their jobs, The Mowgli’s want to send a friendly reminder to stop, take a break and go on vacation. The five-piece band, who are based in Los Angeles, take inspiration from their surroundings, soaking up the very best of the So-Cal life, delivering a laid-back, easy going sound. 

“Vacation” sees the band taking a different approach to their songwriting, exuding a lighter and more tropical sound, triggering daydreams of those warm summer nights and long, spontaneous road trips. Hoping that their music might act as inspiration for people to slow down in life, singer Joshua Hogan shares in the press release, “This song is a shout out to the working people who just need a break. We all need a vacation sometimes, no matter who we are and what we do.”

So close your eyes, sit back and feel that sun on your skin because The Mowgli’s are taking you on a metaphorical “Vacation”… as let’s be real, we aren’t going anywhere any time soon! 

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