Cally Jane pays home to lovers on “Heart Sing” [Video]

Cally Jane is a social media and television personality, having previous gained fanfare on the television series Love Island, that has also recently made the transition from a visual to audio medium in the form of her sophomore single, “Heart Sing”.

Following on from the release of Cally’s debut single “Company” in the latter part of 2019, this new single couldn’t be more timely, with the theme and aesthetic suited to the summer of love to emerge after a global pandemic, featuring heavy digital vibes through the use of bouncing drum beats.

Heart Sing shines straight away with the slow building synth waves in the lead up to Cally’s melancholic vocals at the 13 second mark and all the way through till the additional clicks and drums kick in from 30 seconds in.

Cally has taken inspiration from her love of R&B and sultry sounds, and it shows through the collaborative efforts of fellow music producer NUKIYO and UK-based rapper GEKO lending their expertise to the project. The additional of Cally’s seductive vocals being laid bare on top of smooth tones is a nice touch too.

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