Cherry Lena continues to bloom with her new offering “Toxic Woman”

Cherry Lena has soared back into the alt-pop scene with her euphoric new single “Toxic Woman.” Exploring discourses surrounding growth and self-discovery, Lena’s next single soars with authenticity and empowerment alike.

Hoping that listeners will not see pain as a weakness, but rather an opportunity to blossom, Lena confides, “This song is a sort of letter to myself. I wrote it last summer, at a dark time of my life. Whenever I feel down, I have this strange sensation that I’m stuck in a web of eternal negativity. Losing my sense of time, It’s like my sadness overpowers every part of my being and I feel incapable of relating to others. Relying only on myself in these moments, this song kind of represents the interaction between myself and a past happier version of me.”

Amongst her echoic energy and soaring melodies, powerful themes unravel throughout each verse. Lena may intertwine alt-pop and R&B into a sound of her own, but it’s her lyricism that really sets her apart. She continues, “I believe It’s only when we feel down that we really truthfully hear music’s messages. I think that applies to this song too. Anyone who’s experienced any sort of deep sorrow in their life will feel connected to this song. I’m hoping it’ll bring some sort of comfort.”

Sweeping melodies, synth-inspired backings and subtle basslines envelop with depth and resonance. As the track grows, so do the chronicles and meaning of every word. “Toxic Woman” fuels enablement and empowerment like no other. Cherry Lena has dropped another truly remarkable single.

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