SSID and Nicki Brown team up to share positive love in “Ginja Me”

Rising Chi-town-based NY rapper and songwriter SSID started releasing music sometime in 2016 via SoundCloud and hasn’t looked back since. With his aim of growing beyond the borders of North America, he has been building his fanbase across UK, France and Africa as well. His latest single “Ginja Me” is a collaborative effort with Nigerian Afrobeats singer Nicki Brown and together they deliver a distinct fusion of modern pop, afrobeats and a dash of hip-hop swagger into the mix. Backed by the rich palpating guitar arrangement, bouncy drum grooves and cinematic pads, the duo pours adulations on their respective partners as they implore listeners to never shy away from giving that special someone the attention they truly deserve. Nicki leads the charge with his rich Nigerian-accented melodic flow and easy-to-follow lyrics that explore true joy from being with his girl and this is followed by SSID’s gruff vocals and positive message for all the lovers out here trying to make it work.

The title comes from Nigerian slang, “ginja” (Ginger) meaning something that brings one joy.

Stream “Ginja Me” on all DSPs here.

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